Blackhead Remover Facial Pore Vacuum Suction Cleaner Electric Acne Comedone Extractor Kit with LED Display

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Safe & Professional Blackhead Remover: Junjun upgrade blackhead remover is designed for sucking out the blackheads from your skin without hurting it. Deeply remove blackheads, keratin skin and acne oil; 3 Grade Adjustable Suction Power: Junjun Blackhead Remover adopts vacuum absorption technique with three level suction force. You can easily adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your different skin areas; 6 Suction Heads for Option: Junjun Blackhead Remover has 6 suction head for choice,they are design to solve different skin problems. Such as the large circular hole head with strong suction can remove stubborn blackhead, acne and grease; oval hole head can make your skin more elastic and compact perfect for T zone; Portable & Lightweight & Long Standby Time: This electric skin cleaner blackhead extraction tool is extremely lightweight and portable enabling you to easily take it with you to spas, beauty palors or for use at home.With USB charge cable, one time charge can support superior standby time;

How to select suitable suction power? (1)Oily: Weak suction, suitable for delicate skin; (2)Neutral:Strong suction, suitable for removing blackheads; (3)Dry: Moderate suction to remove stubborn dirt. Steps on how to use the blackhead: Step 1: Open up your facial pores with hot towel or steam. Step 2: Use it on your hands to know the suitable suction before using on your face. Choose the right force level and probes based on your skin condition. 2 Big Round Hole Head with strong suction are used on any area except around eyes. It removes blackhead effectively, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, letting the skin rejuvenate again. It can be applied to blackheads and V face. Small Round Hole Head with weakness suction is used for sensitive skin area. The Oval Hole Head is suitable for canthus, the corner of the mouth and other areas where easy to have fine lines to prevent the growth of wrinkles. Step 3: With reasonable suction level, do not suck in a fixed place more than 3 seconds, you have to move the suction head from the top to down (contrary to the direction of pores growth) and do not move back and forth, just moving in one direction. Do not use on open wounds. Step 4: After using blackhead remover, please use cold water or mask restore the treated pore. Wash the suction head after use immediately with warm water. Product body is not waterproof.
Package include: 1 x blackhead acne vacuum cleaner 1 x user manual 1 x Pack sponge filter 1 x USB charging cable 6 x variable function probe.

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